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At Ideagarden Institute, we draw inspiration from a diverse, multidisciplinary bank of resources. We encourage the circulation of imagination and inspiration. We hope this resource provides a vibrant source of vitality and energy for the spirit. 

2024 Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Visionary Award

Last night we announced two winners of the 2024 Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Visionary Award on stage at the Natural Products Expo West!

We were thrilled to present $75,000 to Biddii Baby Foods, an indigenous baby food line and farm rooted in tradition and operating on the Navajo Nation. Husband and wife founders Zachariah and Mary Ben have a deep vision to reconnect Indigenous families with the earth and parenting meanwhile training young Navajo farmers and bringing health to the 20,000 young children in the Four Corners region.

$25,000 was also awarded to Jasberry, Thailand's first B Corp certified food company. Founder Peetachai (Neil) Dejkraisak has been working for over 10 years to commercialize a unique superfood rice that has an incredible nutritional profile and environmental attributes while yielding a 14x increase in income for Thai rice farmers.

We are incredibly excited for the year ahead for these two amazing endeavors. They could not be more deserving of support! Thank you to our our advisors, supporters and committee members who have have volunteered their time and resources to make this award possible. Gary Hirshberg Sonia Hendriks Ken Sadowsky Grace Roberts Burbank Califia Farms Plant Futures Will Rosenzweig Mike Burbank New Hope Network

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