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Edible Education 101
Spring 2023
: The Legacy and Impact of UC Berkeley’s Food Systems Changemakers


This uniquely UC Berkeley course, now in its twelfth year, invites students, alumni and the broader Berkeley community to engage in the dynamic process of food systems innovation and entrepreneurship. Food systems innovation offers a diverse portal for addressing climate, health, and social justice issues in rapid and tangible ways. Edible Education is a special course that invites renowned experts – changemakers from all sectors – to campus to share their visions and experiences to further our understanding of food’s critical role in our culture, well-being, and survival.

Course Guide

Spring 2023 Zine

At the beginning of the Spring semester, questions arose about the challenges to embodying the food values presented in this class — especially for university students who are budgeting resources: like money, time, and energy. Upon requests from the students, Professor Rosenzweig and the teaching team proposed a collaborative group project for our students to engage with during the semester, to answer the question of “how to eat like our course curator and founder, Alice Waters, as university students?”  Since the students began this project, they transitioned their exploration into looking at the wider food systems at play here on Berkeley's campus — asking questions about the existing food systems and knowledge present, and asking where might our university do more to better support student access to resources? Our students compiled their findings in a zine, a mini magazine/booklet that showcases some of the food systems on campus, while providing recipes, stories, and interviews. In this process students got to emphasize different types of learning that goes beyond our syllabus — conducting in-person interviews and surveys, visiting sites of different food systems on campus, and getting hands-on interaction with the food we talk about in class. Click the image below for the online version of the zine. Thank you for reading & happy eating!  


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