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Ideagarden designs and delivers leadership retreats and entrepreneurial education programs focused on transforming the food system. We apply ecological principles in strategic planning, business model design and collaborative team development to foster breakthroughs in spirit and impact for regenerative businesses and their leaders.

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Current Programs & Offerings 

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You can sign up February 4th.

The first lesson goes live on February 11th.

The last day to join the workshop is February 20th.

The discussion board will be open until May 3rd, 2019.

Inspired by UC Berkeley’s Food Innovation Studio and Edible Education 101 courses. It draws on Seth Godin’s innovative Akimbo approach to education.

This course is a co-creation of Will Rosenzweig, student learners and industry expert guests, who bring their perspectives and passions to the workshop in ways intended to inform and inspire you to bridge innovation and purpose through your business.

We open the door for you, but it’s the cohorts of students that drive it forward. 

Edible Education 101

This uniquely UC Berkeley course, now in its eighth year, explores the future of food, its diverse systems and movements.  The course features leading thinkers, doers and authors and is live-streamed and archived on video. 

Food Innovation Studio

This a two-unit course enables graduate business school students (and related graduate students and professionals) to identify, define, and solve novel pressing challenges and unmet needs in the broader food-system.

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for Farmers

An immersive, experiential learning program to give farmers the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with each other and industry experts as they develop their entrepreneurial skills under Will Rosenzweig’s guidance and leadership.

Scale Up

Starting a food business these days is pretty easy. Sustaining and scaling a food business? Not so much. How do you choose the right path to take your food business to the next level—with intensity, efficiency and authenticity? 

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Concept to Shelf

Whether you are a first time food entrepreneur in need of guidance or a food veteran who wants to learn from other experienced food professionals, in this program you will have the chance to go deep and collaborate.

BeSpoke Programs

Custom Programs, Workshops, Lectures and Presentations. Ideagarden designs and catalyzes coordinated cross-disciplinary collaborations that generate entrepreneurial solutions for next generation food systems.